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Why Prentiss Christian?

Prentiss Christian School believes that each student should be offered a superior education based on intellectual, spiritual, social, moral, and physical development.


We believe that an excellent faculty, a challenging curriculum, a safe environment, and parental support are keys to providing students with a superior education.

We seek to provide each student with a traditional education supported by the teaching of Christian principles and values.



  • To provide a well-balanced educational program that will help develop the students mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and socially.

  • To strive to provide a curriculum that is flexible, one that will assist in the development of the students attending the school.

  • To provide experiences that will enable students to reason critically and objectively to draw logical conclusions.

  • To provide activities that will enable students to think and act independently so that they will be better able to become active and useful citizens.

  • To instill the meaning and use of the democratic process and encourage its use when students work together, share ideas, and make decisions as groups.

  • To create an atmosphere of learning conducive to developing a sense of belonging and emotional security in our students.

  • To provide programs that will help to clarify the students’ ethical consciousness and help develop sound standards of values.

  • To provide formal and informal opportunities to enhance the students’ spiritual development and understanding of biblical truths.

  • To encourage students to think perceptively to evaluate their actions, their values, and their goals to foster self-understanding and self-improvement.

  •  To promote cooperation and good will among faculty, students, and patrons of the school in order to provide a more stable environment for learning.


Schedule a visit!

Contact the school office today at (601) 792-8549 to schedule a campus visit.

Admissions Packet

For admission to Prentiss Christian School, print out the application and agreement forms, fill them out, and bring them in to the school office.

Current Fee Sheet

Current Application for Admission

Current Agreement Form


Current Student Handbook

All students, parents, teachers, and staff agree to abide by the rules and direction of the school handbook.

Current Student Handbook

Click below to download the current copy of the student handbook.

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